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This page serves as a directory of Members with home-based services they wish to offer to other Members. You can offer a brief description of the service(s) you provide, complete with contact information, including a link to any web presence you have established. For more information, please contact Howie at Howie@CaribooHomesteader.com.

Homesteaders Services Directory:

Cariboo Wordsmith – Sometimes we pretty much know what we want to say, but struggle with the process of conveying our message into an effective written format. And often, effective written communication can make a significant difference.

Whether it is a formal letter, proposal, business plan, resume, grant application, copy for an advertisement or brochure, or any other form of writing; clear, easy to understand wording can be critical to your success.

The Cariboo Wordsmith service will help you write more effectively. Working with your ideas and retaining your style, a fine-tuning by an accomplished wordsmith will improve your written messages significantly. For more information on this valuable, yet affordable service, please contact me at soubooboy@gmail.com.

Maddi Newman: KeyBoard Graphic Design, Print and Web – Located at 108 Mile Ranch, this “home biz” has been around since the year 2000. That’s a long time to mature into a knowledgeable and creative option for Cariboo business people wanting print material and/or web designs. www.maddi.ca is KeyBoard’s website, featuring a portfolio of examples of the various services available. KeyBoard is also on board now for web design that is mobile/smartphone-friendly.

Maddi is also known for helping people get facebook pages started, teaching computer use, and being a champion for local selling/buying, de-globalization, wholesome food quality, and humane/ethical treatment of wild, domestic and farm animals.

Give Maddi a call at 250.706.3536 if you’d like to chat about your print/web project.

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