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Yes, buy local, produce local and use local services is our mantra. But what about those foods and household goods we just can’t produce here in the South Cariboo? Cariboo homesteaders of a century ago employed the almost lost art of provisioning themselves to augment what they produced themselves. My dad told us stories about twice-a-year wagon trips, two days each way, to Ashcroft for sacks of flour, coffee, sugar, etc. Fortunately, we don’t have to go to such extremes!

Now up and running is a Cariboo Homesteader service called, oddly enough, Cariboo Homesteader Provisions. Loosely based on the concept of a ‘buyer’s club’, this service will allow members to bulk purchase some of the food and household goods not produced locally. We are using two criteria for selecting suppliers of such goods: they must be Canadian, as close to the South Cariboo as possible, and be family owned/operated enterprises. To date, we are able to supply you with organic flour and other dry goods, earth-friendly household cleaners, pet food, and both conventional and organic livestock feeds (see supplier details below). We will also look at bulk purchasing warmer-climate field crops from within our 100-mile radius definition of local, such as tomatoes, corn and tree-fruits. As mentioned, you will be asked to bulk purchase these items in case-lot or other large volumes. Some of them will be available year round and others will be seasonal.

Cariboo Homesteader is now an established distributor for the products offered by these companies:

Anita’s Organic Mill – offering a great selection of flour, whole grains, hot cereals & mixes, dried fruit, flakes & bran, baking ingredients, nuts & seeds, and rice. For a full outline of their products, please click on this link http://anitasorganic.com/. To see a list of the bulk products we can offer, click here.

Canadian Organic Feeds – offers a good selection of organic feed for poultry, dairy (cows & goats) and pigs in both 20kg bags and large volume canvas totes. For more information, please click on this link http://canadianorganicfeeds.com/.

Eco-Max – offers a comprehensive line of earth-friendly spray cleaners, dish soaps and laundry soaps/softeners. Some of their products are hypoallergenic and all of them are plant-based, with no chemicals or toxins. While these cleaners are harmless to you and the environment, they still work great! For complete information on these household cleaners visit www.eco-max.ca and for a brief intro and price comparison, click here.

Happy Tails Pet Foods – offering a “holistic” selection of premium pet foods for both dogs and cats. For more information on all their products, please click here http://www.happytail.ca/. For a price comparison, click here.

Sure Crop Feeds offers a full selection of all livestock feeds, mineral, salt, milk replacers, and various ingredients. For a full overview of their products, click here http://www.surecropfeeds.com/Products.page and for more information on the company, click here http://www.surecropfeeds.com/. For a price comparison, click here and for a offer sheet for ‘Horsey Folks’, click here. To see the full “Order Form” mentioned, click here.

Naturally, as one of the many values of membership, these goods will be offered at very attractive prices. For more information on this service, or for a quote on any of the products, please contact Howie at Howie@cariboohomesteader.com.

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