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So, just what is a Mobile Feed Store, and why would I buy my livestock feed and pet food from one?

The short answer…

Take a conventional feed store,  

subtract 3 S’s and add a D!

A typical feed store has a storefront, staff, and a large storage facility (the 3 S’s).

Cariboo Homesteader – Your Mobile Feed Store has none of these, and we deliver (the D) at no extra cost!

Without the expense of a storefront, staff, and storage the savings to you are significant.

How significant?

How does savings of 20 to 40% sound?

As an Authorized Dealer for Sure Crop Feeds, we can offer you their full line of livestock feed and supplements. You can choose the convenient 20kg bag, or enjoy the additional savings of a 1000kg mini-tote. Click here for a full list of their products.

Featured Product:
COB (20kg bag) – Member price $11.15   

Looking for organic livestock feed but suffering from sticker shock? We can offer attractive pricing on certified organic feed from Canadian Organic Feeds, based in Chilliwack. Check out their offerings here and get back to us for a price quote on either 20kg bags or 500kg mini-totes.

Featured Product: 16% Layer Mash (20kg bag) – Member price $22.50

Alfa Tec – offers hay cubes and pellets made from premium all-natural alfalfa and timothy hays. Their products give a variety of animals a feed that is non-GMO, low in sugars and starches, packed with all-natural nutrients, and consistently of premium quality. For more information, please click here.


Featured Product:
Timothy/Alfalfa Cubes (20kg bag) – Member price $11.50

Fieldstone Organics – A family-owned, B.C.-based company offering an amazing line of organic whole grains (yes, we are now offering people food too!). Please visit for more info.


Featured Product: Organic Chicken Scratch (20kg bag) – Member price $18.00

Anita’s Organic Mill – Speaking of people food, we now offer members the full line of bulk foods from this great family-owned, B.C.-based company. You can get great pricing on their flour, whole grains, cereals, dried fruit and more! Click here for more info on all their products.

Featured Product: Organic Steel Cut Oats (25lb. bag) – Member price $39.50

Earth Options Pet Food by Pets1st – offering all-natural, earth friendly dog and cat food. For more info on this premium pet food from a family-owned, B.C.-based company please visit.


Featured Product: 11.4kg bag of Grain-free ‘Superfood’ for $5.48 per kg.

Happy Tails Pet Foods – offering a “holistic” pet food for both dogs and cats. For more information on this family-owned, B.C. company and all their products, please visit.


Featured Product: 16.3kg bag of Dog Food at $3.83 per kg or 7.5kg bag of Cat Food at $5.95 per kg

More budget conscious? Try SKOKI – a great corn free, wheat free, all
life-stage ration. (More info here) Great for hard working farm dogs!

Featured Product: 18.18kg (40lb) bag at $2.45 per kg.

(Please note, all of the pet food prices are quoted per kg because every producer seems to have a different sized ‘large bag’. For comparison purposes, take the sticker price of your current pet food and divide it by the kg weight of the bag.)

To complement our Mobile Feed Store, the Cariboo Homesteader offers members a group of services. In the broadest sense, these services can be defined by Our Mission: Passionately supporting home-based production of food and other goods in the South Cariboo.

And what benefits do members enjoy, you ask?

Well, as profiled above, membership gives you access to our primary service; Cariboo Homesteader Provisions – Your Mobile Feed Store. This service offers bulk buying of conventional and organic livestock feed, hay cubes, and premium pet foods from reputable producers like Sure Crop Feeds, Canadian Organic Feeds, Alfa-Tec, Earth Options by Pets1st and Happy Tailsall at prices 20 to 40% below local retail outlets. In addition, we offer organic ‘people’ foods from Anita’s Organic Mill and Fieldstone Organics. As a bonus, we offer free delivery throughout the South Cariboo for any combination of provisions.

Secondly, members can enjoy the community resources provided through services like Homesteader Services, South Cariboo Stock Exchange, and the Homesteader’s Market. (Please click these links for more information.)

Who should join the Cariboo Homesteader?

Membership is open to anyone and it is hoped that each of you will enjoy at least some of the benefits these services provide. Whatever your interests, membership gives you an active way to contribute to the wellbeing of our community. A modest annual fee of $25 per household (taxes included) gives members full access to the Cariboo Homesteader services.

How do I join?

Simply e-mail us ( the name you want your membership under, your best contact number, and the physical address for delivery. Usually, we just add the annual membership fee to your first order.

For more information, please click any of the links above. If you have specific questions about any of these services, or want more information, please contact me at 250-644-1940 or

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